How to get to Bali during Covid


Despite all the restrictions it is still possible to visit Bali during pandemic times.

First thing you will need to get a business visa B211 (the usual 30 days free-visa doesn’t apply anymore).
Getting this visa requires an Indonesian travel company sponsoring you so it’s not possible to do the registration yourself (we can recommend you to check with the visa agency Bali Visa Experts to take care of your paperwork). Count 15 days max to receive your business visa and a cost around 350 USD. Its initial validity is 60 days and it can be extended 4 times 30 days so it’s perfect for the digital nomad or someone who wants to take a long break.

Second you will need to book your plane ticket to land in Jakarta and also book your quarantine there for 5 nights in one of the health-ministry approved hotel (they do all-inclusive packages with food, transport and PCR tests).

Third (before taking the plane) do your PCR test (72h validity is required to enter Indonesia) and print your documents.

Fourth once your quarantine is over you will need to do another PCR test then you will be able to flight to Bali and join us in Nusa Lembongan !

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See you soon in the water !

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